'Treme' - 'Right Place, Wrong Time' Episode 1 Recap

'Treme' delved deeper into the injustices big and small faced by each of the characters in this episode. I saw it twice and liked it much more the second viewing. It wasn't as gripping (or funny) as the previous episode, but there were several moments that beautifully captured each of the main character's chief post-Katrina struggles.

The most startling plot line of the night belonged to Chief Albert again, as he discovers his Wild Man's body under a row boat. It's the first time we've seen a dead body on the show, and I fear it's not the last. Will the Chief ever get his tribe back? The fact that Delmond can't pick up his father's call, because he's back in New York for a charity concert, was telling about his love-hate relationship with New Orleans... and his dad.

LaDonna's continued search for her brother needs to resolve soon (although it could be one of those season-wide mysteries), but in the meantime it's giving Khandi Alexander some amazing material. Her faux-sweet voice talking to her brother-in-law was pitch-perfect, and I was intrigued by her comment that her light-skinned in-laws treat their "7th Ward Creole" heritage as something to lord over her.

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