Chuck: "Chuck Versus The Other Guy" Review Season 3, Episode 13

Pretty awesome, huh? I watched "Chuck Versus The Other Guy" yesterday at WonderCon, and even with only one day to wait, I was pretty anxious for it to air, so I could freely talk about the events of the episode. And what an episode it was, starting with the fact that...

They did it! Chuck and Sarah got together and freaking sealed the deal! It's a day many a Chuck fan have been hoping for, and occasionally gotten a bit scary and obsessive about. But there's no denying it was pretty damn delightful watching these two finally get past all of their obstacles.

Of course that was the final scene of the episode, but what came before was great as well. I'll get my minor gripes out of the way, beginning with Morgan actually going so far as to quit the Buy More when Chuck hastily told him he was a spy, in what was obviously a bid to placate Morgan ... I just didn't buy that Morgan wouldn't think to at least to get a little clarification on what Chuck meant and if it, you know, involved a paycheck, before he'd tell Big Mike he was gone.

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