'The Simpsons' - 'The Squirt and the Whale' Season 21, Episode 19 Recap

Finally, a good -- maybe even great -- episode. 'The Squirt and the Whale' packed more laughs in the first few minutes' Alternative Energy Expo than the entire running time of most recent eps.

There were even a few tears and when was the last time we could say that about 'The Simpsons?' (C'mon, admit it, you're as sensitive as Lisa when it comes to beached whales).

I was not at all sure how the whale storyline would play out: Could it really end happily, with "Bluella," as Lisa dubs her, safely back in the ocean? How on earth could the episode recover if they let the whale die?

Surprisingly, the whale's plight ended up being both incredibly moving, and actually funny, when appropriate. Case in point: the eco-activists who arrive to save the killer sharks instead of the baby whales the sharks are circling, and the female "Sea Hugger" who declares that all animal life is worth saving, "Except for cockroaches, yuck!"

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