'Ugly Betty' Bites: 11 genius quips from last night's story-packed episode, 'London Calling'!

You can tell that the writers are winding things down on ABC's Ugly Betty simply by looking at how many great quips there have been in recent episodes. Frankly, there aren't as many of them! (There were only 11 last week.)

Why? It seems that the writers are more concerned (and rightfully so!) with doing justice to all the storylines swirling instead of dreaming up silly, fun little lines. Remember, after last night's episode, there are only two hours of the show left. (Boo hoo!) Anyway, I'm not complaining about the lack of sound bites. That meant that last night's episode was packed full of juicy-good story.

Betty, Hilda, and Amanda met Christina (she's back and she's a fashion designer!) in London for Hilda's bachelorette party; Betty ran into (an engaged) Gio again, who made her realize that, as successful as she is, she hasn't really been pursing her true dreams; Betty interviewed for, was offered, and then declined to take a job as a fashion columnist; Amanda decided to quit Mode and pursue styling full-time; Marc 'broke up' with his boyfriend Troy, ate two pieces of pizza, and cried about it; Justin continued to snub Bobby, who saw his future step-son kissing Austin and promised not to tell anyone about it; Daniel tried to make nice with his new half-brother Tyler but just ended up getting in a fight with him; and Willy set in motion her plan to use Tyler to help her take over Meade by swooping in as his AA sponsor. Most shockingly - or not shockingly at all? - Betty drunk-dialed Henry, who we saw get the message at the close of the episode! Whew! See what I mean about lots of story?

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