Spartacus: Blood and Sand - "Old Wounds" Review Episode 11

Batiatus' master plan to frame Solonius for the murder of the Magistrate was brilliantly executed. I was admittedly completely fooled by Ashur's feigned deception, especially after Batiatus wouldn't allow him to compete as a gladiator. I still expect Ashur to eventually turn against Batiatus but we can only assume that he's waiting for the right time. In fact, wasn't he meeting with Solonius before the Magistrate turned down Batiatus? Ashur must have weighed the pros and cons of the situation and sided with Batiatus - for now.

Meanwhile, Batiatus has skillfully put himself into a position of power. With Numerius witnessing Solonius' implied murder of his father, Batiatus will certainly have the young man's ear and will use this to maneuver himself into the senate. Of course, Ashur's tongue and Spartacus' blade both stand in the way of Batiatus' rise to power. Even though we know how things will eventually turn out, the events from this point until Spartacus leads the slaves to freedom are still left up in the air. History leaves us with broad strokes of how events played out while the show's great writing continues to weave intricate tales of deception.

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