Recap Mercy: Season 1, Episode 15 - I Did Kill You, Didn't I?

Sonia wakes up in the hospital's crash room -- alone. Remembering she slept with Paul last night, she sneaks into the hall, where Angel snags her, demanding to know what happened. Sonia drags him into the nurse's lounge, claiming she's in control; Paul is merely a means to an end. When Angel points out the Nick is nice and sexy and treats her like a queen, Sonia breaks down, admitting that she panicked and lit the whole thing on fire. Angel thinks Sonia has to tell Nick, and she ruefully agrees.

Hung over after her wild night with tequila, Chloe runs into Sands, who's looking for Veronica. He tells Chloe to take the day off, but she's determined to get through her ER shift. Sonia hasn't seen Veronica either, and can't believe she would have blown off Chris. Just then, Mike and Tim rush in looking for Veronica. They know all about what happened at the donut shop, having seen the security tape. Mike leaves Sands his number, instructing him to call if hears from Veronica and rushes off to search for her.

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