Stargate Universe Episode 11: "Space" Review Space

Stargate Universe returns with a few new elements to help make the show appealing to sci-fi junkies and long-time Stargate franchise fans. Although an old plot device, those communication stones, make an immediate return to the show, they're thankfully used for something awesome: revealing aliens! They're not happy aliens either, in fact they're quite combative, which makes for some great drama here. The CG for the aliens is also excellent, making them feel like true characters in this story.

Still, the slowness that marked the first half of the season continues for most of this episode. But the writing is good, with Wray and Young having a suitably icy bit of verbal sparring at every opportunity. Wray's organization of a civilian mutiny is a little bit surprising since she's usually one to maneuver more subtly, but I guess Rush's suspicious loss made her decide to up the ante.

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