'Stargate Universe' - 'Human' Episode 14 Recap

'Stargate Universe' took a bold stab at character drama last night and delivered a fine and compelling hour of sci-fi TV. The eagerly anticipated Dr. Rush origin story didn't disappoint: 'Human' dropped us right inside of Rush's head to expose all of his secrets, pain and insecurities. Robert Carlyle would certainly be in the running for an Emmy Award this year for his amazing performance -- If they gave Emmys to shows with names like 'Stargate Universe.' You'll have to enjoy your Saturn Award instead, Mr. Carlyle. And I hope you do, because you really earned it with this episode.

Rush's mini 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' trip took up the bulk of the hour, but last night's B-plot was a lot of fun, and it even put some of our lead crew members in serious old school peril. The situation with the away team almost felt like it was ripped straight outta 'Stargate Atlantis,' with the team blasting a giant spider-monster and getting trapped inside of an underground cave. But before we get into that, let's talk about Rush's heartbreaking head trip.

Most of the first act cleverly played with our ideas and expectations of Rush -- he was cold, distant and awkward with his wife and obsessed with his work. This fake flashback had me fooled for a few minutes. I even thought Rush's pixie dust vision (please, someone come up with a better name for it than that!) was part of the flashback. But the truth was revealed when the dapper Dr. Daniel Jackson (guest star Michael Shanks) appeared to recruit Rush for the Stargate program.

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