Dancing with the Stars Season 9, Episode 19: Did People Root for Joanna At All? Or Just Derek?

Joanna Krupa was just eliminated from Dancing with the Stars, sending frontrunner Mya, Mr. Personality Donny Osmond and surprise finalist Kelly Osbourne to the finals. Of course, it's an upset, because Joanna and pro partner Derek Hough were second to Mya and Dmitry Chaplin in terms of scores and while their numbers are still worlds away from Little Miss Perfect, they had the best chance - nay, the only chance perhaps - of at least giving Mya and Dmitry some competition.

Judging from the comments, however, it seems as though people's surprise and remorse are directed more at Derek Hough, the professional, rather than Joanna Krupa, the celebrity, who constitutes the "stars" part in the show's title and should really be the focus of the competition. Some are short of saying, we couldn't care less if Joanna goes, just keep Derek.

In fact, some of those decrying this elimination on Dancing with the Stars admit that Joanna Krupa will not last a minute face-to-face with Mya (although Kelly Osbourne is by no means better, neither is Donny Osmond). So do people like this couple more because of Derek Or do they like this couple only because of Derek and despite Joanna?

If that is the case, this coupling is an anomaly on Dancing with the Stars this season, since the other couples' fan bases are rooted on the celebrity, not the pro.

Yet it's clear that people like Derek Hough. What we've seen is that the celebrity he's partnered with has a tendency to pull him down. If, for instance, he was partnered with Mya or even Kelly Osbourne, he'll probably reach the finals. On the other hand, if Joanna Krupa was partnered with lesser known pros (not to undermine these people), such as Dmitry Chaplin and Louis Van Amstel, I don't think she would've reached this far.

PS. Derek is by no means stranger to just falling short of the finals. In season 5, he and Jennie Garth were eliminated the week before the finals too, landing in fourth spot (of course that season is weird altogether, with the Sabrina Bryan elimination and Castroneves winning over Mel B.). Marie Osmond, Donny's sister, placed third in that season.

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