'Hell's Kitchen' Recap Season 7, Episode 1: Impossible is Nothing

Gordon Ramsay had a dream. He wanted to push the boundary of Possible. He wanted to turn myth and history into Mystery. “Representatives of the media,” he proclaimed, “I officially guarantee that we will complete the opening night dinner service at Hell’s Kitchen.” Commence teeth-chattering and eyebrow-cocking, new contestants! “It’s never been done before,” said Autumn. “Has he lost his damn mind?” asked Jason. “Roar!” said the tiger shark that lives on Mikey’s head.

And just like that, season seven of Hell’s Kitchen was off and running. The new chefs had forty-five minutes to create their signature dish. We learned a little bit about some of the chefs:

Stacey: A celebrity chef, she namechecked several people who will probably never call her again: “I’ve cooked for Nathan Lane, Martha Stewart, Martin Short, Don Rickles, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, and they’ve all loved my food.” Pause to visualize a dinner party with only those people in attendance. Now pause to imagine that they’re all locked in a mansion, and every hour, another dinner guest dies. Who’s the murderer? I’m going with Rickles.

Holli: “I’ll play that cute factor. Let’s put it this way: I’ll work just as hard as everyone, but I’ll look better doing it.” Holli proceeded to trip over her high heels.

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