Recap The 4400: Season 2, Episode 9 - Rebirth

Kyle awakens with his father knocking at his door, and gets an 'ear full' from his father for not getting Alana to ring him on his mobile phone, when his father leaves Kyle sits and has a flashback to shooting Jordan Collier.

An old friend of Richard comes to the 4400 Center to invite Richard to the funeral of one of Richards's closest friends, from back in the 1950s who was the first person to treat him like an equal.

At a hospital a nurse brings a very healthy baby to its mother and father, the Childs mother assures him that her child will be made aware of the nurse who changed his life. Edwin's superior talks to him trying to figure out why four babies who have had birth defects have been born perfectly healthy, speculating it is because he is one of the 4400.

Nina pulls Tom and Diana off the Collier case to attend a hospital to investigate a 4400, Edwin, when she reads of miracle births via internet chatter; Matthew Ross notifies Shawn of the 4400 believed to be a miracle healer, with Shawn asking him to invite Edwin to the 4400 Center. Matthew asks Shawn to get in touch with his mother.

Richard attends the funeral of his friend and is invited to a private wake with his comrades to have a beer.

Tom and Diana attend the hospital and go to speak to Edwin, who explains that NTAC have examined him multiple times, and tell them of his past.

April tells Diana that she pawned her mother's engagement ring; Diana tells her sister that she wants her out of her apartment.

Matthew Ross asks his assistant Lucy if she told the press of Edwin and his ability, she replies she did and remarks she did so anonymously.

Richard attends the get together with his friends and reminisces about old times and tries to find out where Lee is.

Back at NTAC Tom and Diana find out the real name of there 4400 and find out that he is wanted by his government, the Rwandans, for crimes against humanity. Edwin reveals the truth about what happened and that he did not personally kill anyone but did not try and stop those that did; Tom has several out breaks of anger during the interview.

Kyle tells Danny to give it a rest when he begins complaining about his brother Shawn returning to his home.

April packs and explains why she must leave to Maia, who tells her she forgives her, April tells her she still has to go.

Shawn and Danny both attend dinner with their mother and break into an argument, with Danny nearly punching his brother.

Tom and Diana find out that NTAC will be allowing Edwin to leave and he returns home to a mob of people feeling ill. Tom loses his temper towards Edwin when a woman dies.

Richard attends an old person's home to see an old comrade from the 1950s, Lee to talk to him.

Shawn and Danny go to Kyle's house to talk about Kyle's black outs, who becomes distressed after Danny tells Shawn of his problems, Shawn offers to let Kyle come to the 4400 Center, Kyle says he will come.

Diana goes to the residency of Edwin and explain that if he keeps healing that he will die as every time he heals his own chromosomes are damaged, Edwin replies that if he does not heal, then the state have no reason to fight his extradition, his own government will try him and execute him, either way he would die, Edwin decides to keep healing and goes to the 4400 Center.

April is at a bus stop when Diana turns up, April apologises and Diana tells April her bad points, Diana presents April with their mothers engagement ring after she buys it back from the pawn shop.

Kyle disappears from his home leaving nothing but a messy room and a short note for his father.

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