Recap The 4400: Season 2, Episode 10 - Hidden

Nina tells Diana of a witness with information relating to Colliers murder weapon; Tom attends Danny's school to try and find out why Danny has left and what is up with him, and if he knows where he is.

Lucy tells Shawn the next person that will be coming to the Center to be healed when Tom enters, Tom shouts at Shawn trying to find out if Kyle is there. Back at his home Tom searches Kyle's belongings when Alana returns, Tom explains the situation to her and leaves to look for Kyle.

Matthew Ross tells Kyle that a man from the British press is here to teach Shawn some things when Danny shouts him, Shawn asks Liv to give Danny a tour, Liv tells him she is now a 2nd key.

Diana and Nina interview their suspect with information on the murder weapon used to kill Jordan Collier. Danny invites Liv to a party, they ask Shawn if Liv is okay going to a party, Shawn refuses stating he does not think it is a good idea; Liv decides to defy Shawn and finds out the time of the party.

Tom visits Wendy Paulson to find out any information she knows on Kyle, Wendy tells Tom of what happened the night he appeared outside her apartment. Diana and Maia cook brownies, however Diana is called to work.

Diana and Nina visit a woman whose husband they are looking for. Tom talks to two college student friends of Kyle, who recount Kyle's last actions they know of to his father.

Tom returns home and receives a phone call from Nina before entering his house telling him to 'get his ass into work'; Tom tells Alana that he thinks Kyle was being moved around like a puppet when he begins to believe that Kyle murdered Jordan Collier.

Danny and Liv have some fun and Liv reveals some stolen drugs to Danny, a guard walks in and the tablets fall everywhere. Diana returns home to a worried Maia who has not been able to sleep; Diana questions Maia to see if she knows anything more.

Tom 'rebumps' into Linda coming out of a shop and asks if she has heard from Kyle, Linda asks Tom what he has tom, Tom tells Linda that she does not want to know, Linda walks away with 'Å“It's like I said, you're the one with the secrets.' Back in here car Linda rings Kyle, who answers, she asks him to tell her what is going on.

Alana searches Kyle's room and finds a key in a small envelope. Shawn lectures Liv about being an addict, Liv tells him that she has her bags backed; Shawn 'demotes' her back to first key.

At a train station Tom and Alana use the key on a locker and open it and remove a bag from the inside and find a gun, Tom tells Alana not to turn around peaks around the corner, Tom heads back to work with Alana going home to hide the gun.

Diana reveals to Tom what they know about their suspect and the guns, and reveals to Tom that Maia had a vision of someone getting hurt. Linda goes to Tom and Alana's house. Tom returns home and talks to Alana and finds out that she knows something he did not mention to her.

Tom follows Linda's SUV to an empty house and breaks in and searches the rooms and finds Kyle listening to music, Kyle tries to run but his father restrains him. Kyle explains his blackouts and the death of Collier to his father and how he remembers everything.

Tom arranges for Kyle and Alana to go to Brussels to get Kyle out of the country. Tom and Diana head back to NTAC when they receive a call from Nina telling them that they have arrested a suspect claiming they believe to be 'their guy'. The man breaks away and gets a gun and fires, the bullet narrowly missing Diana.

Tom and Kyle visit a bridge and chuck the bag containing the murder weapon over the edge into water. Diana returns home and tells Maia that they've caught the person they were looking for and that it is all over. Maia replies, 'Not yet.'

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