The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap: Week 10

As soon as Sherry is voted out, Alison alerts the team that she would not be the only contestant going home, but that everyone would be leaving for an entire week. The players are all ecstatic, but they'll quickly realize pulling a big number on the scale won't be as easy off the ranch. We see each person as they arrive home, and I actually got chills as they walked through the doors to their families with the cheesy pop music playing in the background. Of course, there's a huge box waiting for the players with a stationary bike inside. Is it a gift or a challenge? I think we know the answer to that as this is the Biggest Loser after all.

There's also a smaller box accompanying the bike and it's full of mini-cupcakes. A DVD awaits them as well. They press play and Ali pops up on their TV screens, telling them that they will each have to bike 26.2 miles on the bike that was sent to them. And that's not all: Everyone will partake in the challenge in front of the same friends and family that saw them at the initial weigh-in. The prize for the shortest time to log the mileage is a whopping $10,000. There's a twist: For every 100-calorie cupcake a person eats, that player can add five minutes to another player's time. Ashley decides not to partake in the cupcake eating, and neither does Sam, Koli, Sunshine or Daris. Lance, on the other hand, dives in. Drea and Michael do as well, giving some of the time they receive to Sam.

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