Ghost Whisperer Season 5: Episode 04: DO OVER - Recap

Melinda must help the ghost of a doctor who believes he caused the death of one of his patients during open heart surgery in the 1950s. The episode begins with two high school kids going through an initiation at the hospital morgue. Paul Jett has to lie in a drawer for 15 minutes. When he does, he feel as though someone is in there with him and we see a man in a black rubber surgical mask. After this episode, the entire hospital believes the morgue is haunted when they also begin to see the ghost manipulate the dead bodies into different positions. Meanwhile, Jim brings home a 1950s surgical clamp and Melinda discovers a ghost attached to it - a doctor who is perfomring open heart surgery on a teenager. She sees it played out in her dining room every day at 9:13pm. The teenager does seem to die and she looks at his hospital bracelet to discover his name is William Jett. She goes to Paul, the one who was being intiated, to ask him if he knows a William Jett and Paul tells her it's his grandfather. It turns out that Bill was only dead for a few minutes but was brought back to life. The operating doctor never knew this and the shock of having his patient die on the table brought on his own heart attack and death. Melinda brings the two of them together and the doctor is able to crossover. Melinda realizes though that it wasn't the doctor who was haunting the morgue and she has no idea what ghost actually is.

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