She's Out of My League - Review

Crushing its one germ of a good idea under a heap of teen-comedy conventions, "She's Out of My League" supposes that if a quasi-normal guy actually won the girl of his dreams, his own insecurities would scuttle the deal. One can imagine Jack Nicholson strolling into helmer Jim Field Smith's erratic story and bellowing "You can't handle the babe!" as this appealingly cast movie seesaws from unlikely thoughtfulness to imbecilic vulgarity. Teen auds will respond in force, especially those among the semen-joke constituency.

In a salute to harried air travelers everywhere, the chuckleheads of "She's Out of My League" -- notably Kirk Kettner (Jay Baruchel) -- all work for TSA, aka airport security, where they have no problem stalling, stopping and stammering at a passenger like the breathtaking Molly (Alice Eve) and gaping at her with undisguised lust. The one guy with a sense of decency is Kirk, who gets her through the gauntlet of goons, returns her cell phone when she leaves it behind and wins a date in the process. Molly, it seems, is coming out of a bad relationship, and dating a doofus seems like the safe thing to do.

Kirk has his own troubled romantic history: The opening scene finds him practicing a make-up speech to his ex, Marnie (a delightfully loathsome Lindsay Sloane), who, since their breakup, has maintained her relationship with his parents, to the point that she hangs out at their house with her new boyfriend. This puts Kirk on an almost unparalleled plane of pathetic loserdom, from which it's going to be very hard to recover.

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