LIFE UNEXPECTED ''Team Rebounded'' Review Season 2, Episode 4

With its multiple meanings, Team Rebounded is a perfect title for tonight's episode of LIFE UNEXPECTED. After last week's golf fiasco, Baze is in his element on the basketball court. Cate has a job again with the additional benefit of ordering Ryan around. Lux is acting more like a normal teenager, and has her best friend back. All three are lucky enough to have caught the ball, but now where do they throw it?

Mad at Cate, Kelly hawks her book on air instead of following Cate's outline. Cate tries to bond with Kelly, but Kelly ends up telling Ryan her secret about not wanting kids. Baze pushes Math to ask out Paige, and commandeers his basketball coaching duties. Armed with background information on Lux, Eric awkwardly tutors her. Tasha (Ksenia Solo) returns to Portland with a new foster parent, then ends up in an independent living situation under Ryan and Cate's supervision.

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