HUNG ''Even Steven'' or ''The Luckiest Kid in Detroit'' Season Finale Review

This week’s episode of HUNG called Even Steven or The Luckiest Kid in Detroit was the Season 2 Finale. In this episode we find the characters trying to make amends and trying to fix all that went wrong this season.

First, after a delightful swim in the lake and some making out in Ray’s tent, Jessica abruptly leaves Ray to go back home. Ray, of course, cannot let her go and even while they are in the tent thinks to himself that if he could just say the right thing to her, Jessica would stay. It is clear though that Jessica was never going to stay. She used Ray as a jumping point to start her life anew and without men. However, by not telling Ray this, Jessica leaves Ray planning ways to win her over including selling his house to get money to woo her. This epsiode showed us that Ray has no real understanding as to why Jessica left him and Jessica has done a rather poor job explaining it. While it is true that one who leaves another does not need to give them a full detailed explanation as to why they are leaving, after 20 years of marraige and the obvious feelings Jessica has for Ray, you would think she would have done a little better. I think a little time off from men will be good for Jessica even if it means the twins have to share a tiny hotel room with their mother. Ray decides to pay Lenore as much as he can and quit the business while he decides what to do about Jessica. Lenore demands more money and belittles Ray for his feelings for Jessica and anything else she can think of to throw at him. That woman is a piece of work. I would love to see something come along to make Lenore vulnerable for once.

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