Caprica: "Know Thy Enemy" Review Episode 6

After last week's adrenalized episode, Caprica slowed down to its usual, more deliberate pace this week. But there was still plenty in motion, including the introduction of two key new characters.

First and foremost was Tomas Vergis, Daniel's competitor the man who Daniel stole from in the pilot movie, in order to get the key piece of technology for his Cylon. I loved the portrayal of Vergis here, who came into Caprica the series and Caprica the planet in equally strong measure, putting himself out there in a very public manner, including the requisite appearance on Sarno's show. In a great little moment, we see Vergis downplay any competition between him and "Danny" Graystone, delivered in a suitably condescending manner by John Pyper-Ferguson, who made a strong impression. By the end of the episode, Vergis was being quite candid with Daniel, revealing he wanted to systematically destroy his life and take everything he loved away, beginning with the Buccaneers, which he offered to buy.

What makes this all especially messy - in a good way - is the revelation that two men were killed during the break in at Vergis' lab, meaning Daniel has blood on his hands and Vergis, who was the godfather to these men's children, is himself at least partially personally motivated. Make no mistake, Vergis is scary and the antagonistic force here, but it's also far from cut and dry that Vergis is bad and Daniel is good in this scenario. And then there's the fact that Daniel enlisted Joseph's help in securing the Taurons who actually committed the crime and we have both our lead characters directly tied in to this dark and dangerous scenario. With Daniel and Joseph less than BFF, you have to wonder if one of them might sell out the other soon, or if the threat of Vergis might force them to work together more. As Joseph pointed out, he needs to keep his part in this a secret as much as Daniel does.

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