Spartacus: Blood and Sand: "Great And Unfortunate Things" Review Episode 7

With Spartacus' wife dead I was expect a lot more violence, mayhem and rebellion from the Thracian. Surprisingly Spartacus kept his composure for the majority of the episode. His overt rebellious attitude in the first few episodes led me to assume that we would see a return to form now that Sura is dead. Instead, we're given a much more introverted Spartacus who spends a lot of time reflecting on intimate moments with his wife - moments he'll never experience again.

Spartacus doesn't sit idly by however. With Barca now "free," poor Pietros is left all alone to fend for himself, and he has become easy prey now that his former lover isn't around to protect him. It was surprising to see Spartacus get involved in Pietros' affairs since we haven't really seen the two interact that much previously. Still, it gave Spartacus an opportunity to blow up some steam, and for now, take out his vengeance on someone - anyone.

Varro's story is expanded upon a little. The death of Sura prompts him to send a letter to his own wife and to his surprise she shows up soon after with their child. Unfortunately, she reveals that she is carrying another man's child. It's a terrible turn for the generally goodhearted Varro. He's a great character and its good to see his back story coming to the forefront a little more.

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