The Amazing Race - 'We Are No Longer in the Bible Belt' Recap Episode 4

Welcome Back Racers! Time for another recap of The Amazing Race! Last week we left our racers in Argentina and saw the Cowboys continue to pull ahead of the other racers for their second consecutive win, and Monique and Shawne found themselves in last place at the mat and were eliminated. Well, hold on to your cowboy hats because we're in for a bumpy ride this week!!

In this leg, teams travel from Argentina to Hamburg, Germany! Finally, we're out of South America! The Cowboys (Jet & Cord) kick off the leg and the Cops (Louie & Michael) are tired of coming in at the bottom of the pack. The Princesses (Carol & Brandy) realize they had a lot of problems communicating in the last leg, so this time around they're going to try to be more respectful to each other - we'll see how long that lasts. Brother Dan confesses he hates to travel and is only doing this out of love for his brother Jordan because it is Jordan's dream to run The Amazing Race.

The Cowboys, Cops, Brothers, and Princesses arrive in Frankfurt, Germany first and are all racing to meet a train to Hamburg. The Cops and Cowboys make it, the Brothers and Princesses do not. They catch the next train with Team JJ, Team Teen USA/Models (Caite & Brent), The Married team (Joe & Heidi), and Father/Daughter team (Steve & Allison). Now it's a foot-race in Hamburg to the next clue.

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