Recap: "The Work Song Nanocluster"

This week Penny started her own business from home in order to make some extra cash, but she soon realizes that not everything is as easy as it seems... even with the help from the guys.

The episode began with the guys playing a game of chess, but this wasn't any ordinary game. This was "Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Chess." What are the rules of the game? Well, all I know is it involved a computer, green lasers, and (in true 007 style) Leonard spraying a can to reveal the lasers and him manipulating his body to prevent hitting the lasers. Sheldon then comes in and makes his way over to Penny's apartment, because he had to sign for a package that was meant for Penny. While over there Penny tells him that she is starting her own business, called Penny Blossoms, in order to make money and eventually retire from her waitress career. Of course Sheldon's first reaction was, "Who will bring me a cheeseburger on Tuesday nights?" Sheldon decided to help Penny with her hair beret business -but with a couple rules. She has to understand that she will be told what to do and there will be no sarcasm.

As Sheldon gracefully put it to Penny, "Let's assume that everything you've done so far is completely wrong." He sits down with her and they try to develop a good plan to sell multiple Penny Blossoms, but also still make a profit. Meanwhile, the other three guys leave Leonard's apartment and hear loud singing coming from Penny's. They open the door to find Sheldon and Penny singing on the couch while making berets. I was also completely shocked to find that Kaley Cuoco has a great singing voice! Someone give that girl a part in a musical! Maybe Sheldon and Penny can ditch the beret business and make a musical? Hey, I'd watch it! Anyway, the guys are immediately attracted to the idea of Penny starting a business and they start using their individual skills in order make it better.

The next scene shows Leonard in front of his computer, while the others stand behind him anxiously awaiting the brand new "Penny Blossom website." (FYI: there is a but it has absolutely nothing to do with the show. Sorry, I just had to check.) There are some good things, but also some bad things about the site that Leonard made. The bad: It is a horrible looking site. Penny said it looked like a 13-year-old's MySpace account. The good: In a short period of time she already had orders, including an order for 1000 berets! After some pep talk from Sheldon (and the fact that this order alone will give her over $3,000), Penny agrees that she can do this and they get to work... right after she shops online for some shoes.

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