30 Rock Season 4, Episode 3: "Stone Mountain" - Recap

Liz and Jack go on a star search, landing in Kenneth's Southern hometown to find new talent. As for Jenna, she tries to cement her place on the show by befriending the writers. Meanwhile, two celebs have died, and Tracy fears he'll be the third to go.

The powers that be feel that Liz's show (The Girly Show) is growing weak; they feel that a new talent well help spruce up their variety show. Ergo, Liz and Jack are put in charge of finding a fresh-faced comedian for the show. And despite her attempts to scour the country, there's no star to be found. However, Jack has an idea - and it's all about location, location, location. You see, you can't look for a star in a major metropolitan area, a typical urban environment. Jack, through a backwards, back-woods conversation with Kenneth, decides that the place to find their next star is in their resident hick's hometown.

Meanwhile, and as always, Jenna has issues with the script for the show because it's not enough about her! She even goes as far as to the pages on fire in front of a weak-spirited writer. Kenneth, however, encourages her to be nice to the writers, and Jenna, believe it or not, agrees. She agrees to kill them with absent-minded kindness, even baking them creepy-looking cookies.

Tracy is terrified that he's going to die. You see, two celebrities have died and he thinks that he's next. It's all about "the threes." In all self-important star-minded celebs, it's all about him, and he makes everyone partake in his delusions of grandeur.

Near Kenneth's hometown, Pam forces Jack to pull through a drive-thru. It's there that she tells her view of the world; ironically, it all revolves around food. And she attempts to prove her point by ordering a carp sandwich! (Needless to say, Liz's New Yorker sensibilities cannot take the rural cornucopia of food.)

Since Liz's said "sensibilities" are now stomach-churningly off kilter, Jack goes to the local comedy club on his own in search of talent. There, he sees and meets a ventriloquist and ends up offering him the third-chair role on TGS. But when Liz returns to the club the very next night to see the act for herself, she (with Jack in tow) sees just how rude and un-funny the comic truly is. In fact, the "comic" is so off-color and so rude to Liz that Jack physically attacked him.

Enter Betty White (!!!?!). Tracy calls her; at first it's friendly, but it soon becomes evident that he is convinced that she may be the third to die. He begins to feel out her health. She, however, is quick on the uptake and realizes that it's a "death by threes" call. It's a no go. "I'm going to be at your funeral, Tracy," she says. (Even Jimmy Fallon swings by to make a similar cameo, and another "rules of three" hilarious moment ensues!)

The writers have been looking to throw the Halloween party of the century. However, as their attempts have been less than successful in the past, they unearth the solution to their bad-party-having problems - they're going to co-throw a party. They learn the most slamming parties are the ones thrown by "really gay guys," so partnering up with Jenna and getting in her "circle" just seems like an ideal solution because she's surrounded by the gays!

However, the gays alert Jenna (with a mere look, nonetheless) that she's being used and that the guys only want her so that they can have an awesome Halloween (and meet hot gay-guy-adjacent girls). But Jenna doesn't really care. As long as she gets a few good scripts and some adulation out of it from the writing staff, she's fine! And get that, she does.

Status quo is returned to 30 Rock. It's Halloween through the eyes of the writers, highlighted by Tracy's irrationality, Jenna's need for attention and Liz's inability to stand up for herself. All is well on the Rock. But what do you think? Are Liz and Jack ever going to find that third talent? What is Jenna's problem? And where does Tracy come up with this stuff? Personally, I felt the Fallon and Betty White cameos were stellar additions to the evening. What are your 30 Rock thoughts?

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