90210 2.19 "Multiple Choices" Recap

Last night, 90210 returned from its one week hiatus and it seemed to have developed some of its storylines without us.

Naomi's Luck Plummets Below Hell And Beyond

When Harry promised Naomi a cruel punishment, he didn't know how on the money he was. Naomi has to pick up disgusting trash and fix the vandalism done to Mr. Cannon's parking spot, all under the judgmental and disapproving eyes of her friends, Liam, and the entire school. Naomi feels the brunt of her actions when some of the students still consider Mr. Cannon a pervert, which upsets Naomi and gives her a heart of sorts in the process. So she makes announcement to the entire school about the truth and how sorry she is for being "perverted" when it came to ruining Mr. Cannon's life. Annie, Adrianna, and Silver forgive Naomi for her lesson learned. The rest of the school though? Maybe not so much, but their attention span is shorter than Perez Hilton's relevancy. Anyway, Mr. Cannon sees that Naomi is truly sorry and the two bury the hatchet. Now all Naomi has to do is get Liam to join the "Welcome Back to Sanity!" bandwagon. The Brooding Prince eventually does come and make up with Naomi, but his mind is elsewhere. (See below.)

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