FlashForward Episode 6: "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps" - Recap

In the beginning of this week's FlashForward, we see the elusive and mysterious Simon on a train to Los Angeles. He sees a hot girl by the bar and you know what line he uses? "I know what caused the flash forwards." (Aow aow, I wonder how many times he's used that since Oct. 6).We learn Simon is supposedly a quantum physicist genius. Soon Simon is spurting his theory of what caused the flash forward, something about a teeny, tiny cat and a poisonous sardine all the while during Simon's come-on, we see Janice being rushed through the ER for her gun shot wound to the abdomen.

Simon and his new lady friend fade out a second later and we cut back to Olivia putting the final stitches on Janice as the team makes their way to the hospital after their own dangerous encounter in D.C. the night before. Olivia and Mark share a moment in the hospital and agree to live in the present rather than obsess about their flash forwards but that obviously won't last for long. Olivia tells the agents Janice will be fine but when Demetri and Al are dismissed from bedside watch, they immediately head to the morgue to look into Janice's assailants.

At the morgue, Demetri and Al find one of the two bodies has blue hands - a feature Mark noted as a piece of evidence when he's investigating the blackout in his flash forward. The two embark on a bit of a goose chase that eventually leads them to an empty club and at least two more dead bodies with blue hands.

Back at the hospital, Lloyd finds his son Dylan a last minute Halloween costume in the form of Flavor Flav, but Dylan uses the costume and the distraction of the holiday to sneak out of the hospital and onto the local bus. Where does he want to go? Casa de Benford, of course! Dylan has the address engrained in his head and keeps repeating the phrase, "It' my house, too." We see soon that Dylan's flash forward, just like his dad's, took place in the Benford family home where Charlie reassures Dylan it's now his house too.

At the Benford family home, we see Mark, Charlie and Aaron trick-or-treating, but Mark lets his flash forward obsession get the best of him and runs off past a couple of teenagers who in the wrong light, look like the men out to kill him in the future.

No surprise here, we cut back to Simon and his new lady friend doing the dirty on the way to Los Angeles as Simon shares his flash forward vision of him strangling an unknown man. Gets the ladies every time, huh?

At Janice's bedside, she and Stanford begin to talk about pregnancy and giving birth when Janice's blood count suddenly drops and she's rushed back in for surgery. Janice eventually stabilizes but learns the scarring from her gunshot wound has made it almost impossible for her to become pregnant. She begins sobbing uncontrollably at the thought of her flash forward not coming true even though, as she said, she didn't even want a baby.

Speaking of babies, once Dylan makes his way to the Benford's, he literally walks right in and grabs a cookie. Mark soon comes home not knowing Dylan is connected to Lloyd, and then things get really awkward when Lloyd comes to retrieve Dylan and Olivia returns from work. Lloyd quickly recognizes the house from his flash forward and connects the dots as to why Olivia was cold to him in the hospital. Mark wastes no time in ordering the Simcoes to leave so that he and Olivia can hash it out. Mark flips out that the Lloyd was in the house at all but Olivia says she has no clue how he or Dylan got there. Olivia then asks what secrets Mark is keeping from her, having learned last week from a third party that he was drinking in his flash forward. Mark admits it to her but asks not to be punished for something he hasn't done yet (try using that approach for your wife, Mark!)

The episode ends on another surprise appearance from Simon, except this time he's not on top of a female but is hiding in the back of Lloyd's car. Simon puts a gun to Lloyd's head saying he and some group of people are worried about him and need to talk. "I don't wanna see any of you right now," Lloyd replies before alluding again to his and Simon's ties to the blackout. "Our experiment killed 20 million people, Simon. What more is there to say?"

There's a lot more to say, Lloyd! Like, uh, how do you guys know each other? Why and how did you come together for this "experiment" of the blackout? Who else is involved?

What did you think of the episode? Will Olivia and Mark be able to look past Olivia's flash forward? Is Janice's flash forward now not possible? Sound off with questions, theories, etc.

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