Hot Tub Time Machine AU Review

When you work within your own internal logic, there's nothing you can't do. Nothing. Hot tubs can be time machines, Poison can apparently be the height of hair metal and John Cusack is a sex symbol again. Who needs an explanation? Who cares about the science? It's a time-travelling hot tub and it's very funny stuff indeed. Welcome to the latest in a string of strong comedies aimed squarely at the pop-culture-saturated Gen Y crowd, 'Hot Tub Time Machine'.

This time, however, the laughs and set-ups also pay homage to comedies that children of the early 80s likely hold near and dear to their hearts. 'Back to the Future's DeLorean, with its LED readout and flux capacitor, is riffed on wholesale, while the overzealous 1980s-era commercials, perms and lycra bodysuits render the scenes with the same kind of retro-nostalgia that worked so well in 'The Wedding Singer'.

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