'SYTYCD' Robert: 'I danced the disco for Ashley'

"So You Think You Can Dance" is one of the most positive and inspiring shows out there, but lately, there's been a shadow cast over the performances.

A devastating injury had taken the amazing Alex Wong out of the competition the previous week at his peak, and now this week, the incredibly skilled Ashley Galvan may possibly follow suit, having sat out the performance episode after hurting her ribs.

Robert Roldan, who was supposed to be paired with Galvan for the disco, tells Zap2it about his disappointment when she was injured and his obviously close relationship with her.

"I danced the disco for Ashley because I love her so much," he reveals during an interview backstage. "She's doing okay."

Besides the disco, Roldan's first number of the night -- a heartbreaking contemporary piece by Travis Wall about caring for their mothers -- was hands down the most emotionally stirring routine of the episode.

"I'm just so blessed and thankfu to have had that," says Roldan, adding that he hopes the viewers can tell "the dance comes from my heart."

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