Who Doesn't Think Adam Lambert Will be the Next 'American Idol'?

That's right. Even after country week stormed on thru, Adam Lambert still remains top dog (no offense Anoop). If you ask any casual viewer to name the contestants, every single one of them could tell you Adam's full name. With the others, we get things like that one girl, her name's Allison, right? or the cute one with the guitar. I don't know what it is about Lambert, but he's capturing the attention of America.

The truth is, Lambert's been performing most of his life. He wants to be a star and he's honed his craft. The truth is, next to Adam Lambert, the other contestants on American Idol Season 8 look like amateurs. Adam's aware of the camera in a way the others aren't. He knows how to work the audience in a way the others don't. He's gliding by and having a laugh on the way.

The over-confidence is the very reason I'm not a fan of Lambert. I completely agreed with Simon this week when he said Lambert's version of Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire was absolute indulgent rubbish. There's a certain amount of respect that Lambert doesn't carry with him. I understand artist's integrity but as of right now, Lambert needs to know that he's nothing compared to men like Johnny Cash and Randy Travis. Right now, I feel he acts like he's above the competition; That he's better than it.

And America will continue to let him feel that way. Even Ryan Seacrest treats him as if he already won. He announced to the audience, We've come a long way since Taylor Hicks stood right here. The reference seems small but implies Lambert to be the next generation of Idol winner. Randy Jackson even got all the teenage girls on board when he compared Adam Lambert to Steven Tyler meets Fall Out Boy meets Robert Pattinson from Twilight. Paula said she didn't feel like she was watching an American Idol competition, she felt like she was watching an Adam Lambert concert.

American Idol is telling us Here's this hot new thing! Get on board! and America loves it. They love him. He's got the stage presence, he's got the look (Say hello to the next Pete Wentz) and he's got the support. Even if you don't like him (like me), you still know he's going to win.

Note: No one complain to me too much - we all knew Carrie Underwood was going to win. This is no different.

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