'Two and a Half Men' - 'Tinkle Like A Princess' Recap Season 7, Episode 16

Holy hoochey-mama! Looked like the old Charlie Harper was back by the time all was said and done. For a while there, it wasn't a certainty. Charlie had all the symptoms of a Woody Allen schlemiel as 'Two and a Half Men' ventured into territory that seemed out of kilter. It was like the Kubler-Ross five stages of grief. Fortunately, acceptance for Charlie was just a bender away. More on that and the $18,000, too, after the jump.

For weeks, the Chelsea/Charlie good ship engagement has been veering into the rocks. Finally the thing went down and Charlie had to face the fact that he was free again. Instead of celebrating, he was hibernating. He was even semi-suicidal, if you consider a dip in the Pacific a real attempt. The idea that he was unable to use the toilet because she'd once tinkled there -- like a princess -- was funny, but so un-Charlie. He had Alan symptoms, minus the whining.

Now that it's over -- and it seems like it is -- Charlie can return to his wayward ways. Aunt Betsy was a good start. How ironic that she was a gift from God, sorta. See what happened when Charlie went to church! It worked out perfectly because there wasn't a minister or priest in sight.

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