Live from '30 Rock' It's Thursday Night

The long anticipated 30 Rock live has finally arrived and believe me it was worth the wait. I've only seen the east coast version but that was enough for me to know that this episode is an instant classic. Sure I knew it would be funny, everything 30 Rock does is funny, but I wasn't expecting it to be a huge event, complete with lyrics to the theme song, a house band, fake commercials and guest stars galore.

Jack's first line of the show about something feeling off, and the set looking like it's a Mexican soap opera is indicative of what I'm sure all of us were feeling when we saw our favorite show in a different format. The show looked less like a sitcom and more like an SNL episode. It was jarring at first hear the laughter (although it was genuine and not canned like some sitcoms), and the pausing for laughs kind of killed the pacing but that stuff is to be expected in a live episode.

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