The Top 10 Perform on 'America's Got Talent'

Tonight, the talent has finally been whittled down to ten mostly talented acts. The Top 10 Acts will perform for America's votes tonight, and only America's votes! Finally we call the shots without the judges! I'm mad with power. Also, there's been some confusion (mostly on my part) as to what the winning act receives outside of money. They will headline the America's Got Talent tour, which has a stop in Las Vegas, from what I can discern. I was under the impression that it stops there and stays there for a while, but maybe that's not the case. Anyway, the Top 10 perform tonight in addition to Enrique Iglesias, who I hope is performing while Jeremy VanSchoonhoven does bike tricks on his head or something.

After that completely inane "AGT goes to dinner" clip package that ate up some of tonight's extra time, it's time for Studio One Young Beast Society to perform. I think this week they may have focused too heavily on the tricks; their dancing wasn't as tight as we've seen them. But the tricks were good. We'll see if it was good enough!

Up next, it's Christina & Ali, who like singing better than school. Piers argued that America is starting to see Christina & Ali as singers and not just an inspiring act. I am not sure that's true. They're singing a song from Dreamgirls (the movie), and I'm just praying they don't ruin it for me. Nobody can do it like Jennifer Hudson, I don't care how many dancers you add to the act. They were better than two weeks ago, but still not Top 10 singing quality if you ask me. I miss Alice Tan Ridley.

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