Donal Logue on Terriers: "FX Has a Really Good Filter for Stuff that Sucks"

Not sure about Terriers? The show's star, Donal Logue, says viewers should give it a chance because it's on FX.

"FX has a really good filter for stuff that sucks. They don't allow it to happen," says Logue (The Tao of Steve, Damages), surely bringing smiles to his new network bosses.

The series, from executive producer Shawn Ryan (The Shield, Lie to Me) centers on ex-cop Hank (Logue) who teams up with a former petty thief Britt (Michael Raymond-James, True Blood) to launch an unlicensed private investigation company in which the two wind up involved in a dangerous conspiracy. According to Logue, however, it may not be the risky nature of the team's business that will keep fans coming back for more, but rather the lead characters themselves.

"I have a weird feeling viewers will recognize something that will be vaguely reminiscent of friendships they had in high school or college," he says. "I want them to feel like, 'Man, I used to run around with two guys like this, and it was kind of a crazy time in my life.' Britt's the Sancho Panza backing whatever Don Quixote move I want to make - even if it looks like a windmill," he says.

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