Recap Charmed: Season 5, Episode 18 - Cat House

Paige and Phoebe are watching Wyatt to allow Piper and Leo a nice quite evening together. Paige is questioning Phoebe about the past and what it was like when Piper and Leo first met and started dating. Phoebe tells her that Leo and Piper have been through a lot, but even though they've been fighting lately, they will always be there for one another. In the next moment, Piper and Leo can be heard arguing in the hall. Leo tries to shut Piper out by shutting a door and she puts a hole in the door by accidentally using her powers; stunning everyone including herself.

At a house a woman sets out cat food and tells the cats to come get the food. Outside of the house, a demon materializes and watches the woman. He attacks the woman, who fights back and has amazing abilities to jump and vanish. Before she vanishes, she sics the cats on the demon. The cats all come running and start to attack the demon. He manages to get away from them and scare them away.

In the morning, Phoebe and Paige drag Piper to Leo (who slept on the couch) and tell them that they scheduled an appointment for the couple to see a marriage counselor that Phoebe knows from contacts at the newspaper. Leo and Piper are reluctant to go at first, but finally decide to give it a chance. Phoebe also mentions that Piper should look into finding a spell that would allow Leo and Piper to speak clearly about their problems.

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