Review: Dexter - Hello, Dexter Morgan Season 4, Episode 11

It is always fun to watch Dexter struggle over his various roles and purposes in his life. He's become a juggler learning how to add just one more ball to his act even as he's trying to keep them all up in the air.

This season, he's had more than ever before in a single season. He's a heavily armed Rich Little and adding extortionist to his list was a real smart move until, of course, Arthur gets the better of him.

Now that Dexter knows Arthur is hunting him, Dexter pulls the blackmail card out of his deck demanding $50,000 from him or he'll spill his dirty little secret to everyone he knows, including the police. This leads to another innocent death and Dexter doesn't really seem to dwell on it as much as the kill he made in the "Slack Tide" episode when he kills the wrong suspect. Either the script didn't want to get bogged down in more lamenting self-discovery or Dexter has been seeing such deaths as collateral damage. Could this mean that sweet, lovable Dexter is learning how to become a cold-blooded killer?

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