Review: Californication - Comings and Goings Season 3, Episode 11

Hank Moody is the very definition of a man who deserves a serious ass-kicking.

He may not mean to act like the world's biggest douchebag. In fact, out of the entire world lineup of douchebags, he's certainly towards the end of life's long line. That still doesn't mean he doesn't deserve one less than the guy at the very front of the line, whoever that poor bastard may be. My money is on the mutant offspring of Attila the Hun and Spencer the Pratt.

But why does that guy who gets to deliver said ass-kicking have to be the world's dorkiest jilted man? A man who when confronting the man who gave his way a ride down the Pleasure Expressway challenges said man to a duel with blanks? And before you even think of asking, yes, copious amounts of alcohol were involved. Just another Sunday for Californication.

It was just one moment of pain for Hank's actions in the luncheon from Hell. Felicia has not only invited Hank and his blushing bride Karen but also the women he slept with while Karen was being the bread winner back in New York. It's hard to know if Felicia is doing this because she cares about Hank and wants to help him grow past his boyish ways (the long talk she and Hank had at the end of the ninth episode was so boring, I really don't remember what they talked about) or still has fangs from the situation and needs to sink them in some meat.

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