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NBC has kind of been a TV Graveyard for a few years now, hasn't it? While there have been some bright spots, like the non-cancellations of low-rated gems like Friday Night Lights and now Chuck, the network still can't launch a ratings hit. Even "hit" comedies The Office and 30 Rock receive pretty paltry viewership. Thus, each year now, NBC launches a bunch of new shows...and most of them don't survive. They also slowly give up on longer running series that still haven't broken out, like My Name Is Earl (4 seasons) and fan-favorite Life (2 seasons).

Also in NBC's graveyard from earlier this year are: My Own Worst Enemy, Crusoe, Knight Rider (2008) and Lipstick Jungle.

Now joining them are biblical-inspired Kings and Molly Shannon sitcom Kath and Kim.

Fans of ER also know that the long-running program finally finished up its run back in April.

Which show in NBC's graveyard saddens you most? I've already come to peace with Lipstick Jungle, lost touch with Earl a few seasons ago (though still...not cool, NBC), and never got into Life, so personally I am most disappointed about the demise of the criminally underrated and highly inventive Kings.



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May 28, 2009 2:17AM EDT

boo!!! -_-;
Everyone please help out My Name Is Earl. Go Twitter about it to join the front lines.

If you post something and put #SaveEarl at the end, it will help keep public view of this issue. Save the Earl!!

May 28, 2009 1:50PM EDT

have you watched Earl lately? It's time for him to go; the episodes have been sucking it and hard lately.

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May 29, 2009 12:15PM EDT

I loved 'Life'. I'm sad it's gone - though I think the final episode managed to wrap up the storyline enough to give a decent ending.

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May 29, 2009 1:22PM EDT

I can't believe after all the months of promises NOT to cancel LIPSTICK JUNGLE that you did it anyway! NBC should be ashamed of themselves. And canceling LIFE? That's unbelievable! What a terrific show with potential to be even better. Well, NBC, you're getting your viewers.

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May 29, 2009 2:59PM EDT

As long as they keep Chuck going, I'm happy. :)

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May 31, 2009 2:52AM EDT

The only one of those shows I watched was Life, and it was one of my all-time favourite shows. Although I am sad to see it go, it was a good series finale. It's good that Life never "jumped the shark".

Jun 6, 2009 6:46PM EDT

I used to watch NBC at least one show every day of the week but in recent years I am now down to Monday. I know it wasnt getting the best numbers but My Name is Earl was a decent show and had a promising young cast but like most shows on NBC they give up so unless the produce something similar I will only be watching Heroes and Chuck and that doesnt return until Jan 2010. I guess either NBC dont care what they put on or they really dont factor in all the new ways people keep up with shows for example I am military and cant always have access to a TV so I then catch up with my shows online and then there are those who Divo / DVR their shows. OH well I guess that why these guys get paid the bucks over there at NBC and I can merely post on here.

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Jul 22, 2009 4:58PM EDT

Y'know, I'm not a religious person in any sense of the word.However, that doesn't stop me from being absolutely obsessed with Kings.
The dialogue, plot, and acting is all capitol. This is one of the best new shows I've seen and it's such a waste and a shame that it's being cancelled.
God save the King(s)!

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Jul 24, 2009 12:22AM EDT

Life. :(

Jul 31, 2009 9:36AM EDT

why did they cancel life, it was an amazing show, one of my favourites

Oct 21, 2009 12:56PM EDT

y r they cancelling all these shows?! some of them were awesome!!! :-(

Jan 9, 2010 8:38PM EST

I loved knight rider and crusoe although they were cheesy at times but i really liked them.Kings was just spectacular, it was really really really good. the acting was great the characters were was just OMG...Crusoe was a great family show..something i could sit down and watch with my nieces, very adventurous. Whoever did it had a great imagination..why are they cancelling shows..Networks have to give the shows some time to get on their feet. Like I did not get into Supernatural until season 2..cuz I had never heard of it..Just gotta give it a little of time..I mean come on guys..

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