Review: The Amazing Race - Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound! Season 15, Episode 11

And, so it ends. Yep, the season finale of The Amazing Race tends to sneak up pretty quickly on us, doesn't it? Each season, the adrenalin rush builds up, builds up, then comes crashing down in one fell swoop back in the United States after a warp speed cruise through foreign cultures and faraway lands. I like to think of this show as a thinking man's (or woman's) reality show. Not only do I get to mock or enjoy the contestants, I learn about people and places. Oh, and I learned not to blow the finale results on the main page before the jump. Read on.

As someone who generally enjoyed almost all of the teams at the beginning of the season, I ended up not overly fond of the three teams in the running for the million. Of the three teams, the ones most deserving of the win (and least annoying at this point) were Megan and Cheyne. My main fault with them was the smugness and constant winning of legs. Perhaps it's not even anything to do with them -- maybe I just prefer a race that isn't so predictable.

Predictable it was, even though the editing had them faltering in the final race to the finish line. In the first part of the finale, I wanted to see underdogs Brian and Ericka beat out the bros and the constant winners. But when Ericka melted down for the gazillionth time this season, I changed my loyalties. I wanted Megan and Cheyne to keep up their streak. With the brothers, the sniping at each other drove me nuts. I so didn't want them to win just because it reminded me of my brother and me back when I was about ten.

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