Breaking Bad's Dean Norris: Hank Is a "Bastard Trying to Do the Right Thing"

Breaking Bad is Walter White's story, but this may be Hank Schrader's season.

"It's the biggest season yet for him," Dean Norris, who plays Hank, tells "They really open up the story for my character and he really comes to the forefront. We get a look into Hank's dark side, which is different from what we've done in the past. You see a whole other side of him - and it's good."

For the past two seasons, Hank, the DEA agent brother-in-law of chemistry teacher-turned-meth producer Walt (Bryan Cranston), has been dependably humorous - the brash comic relief in a progressively bleak drama. But the third season is, as Norris puts it, "often the turning point for shows, where you really push things along and change things up."

So far, Walt's marriage to Skyler (Anna Gunn) is in shambles now that she knows his secret, while Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), Walt's right-hand man, is sobering up.

And Hank?

"Hank has some things in store for him that are really big and bold and will not leave him the same," creator Vince Gilligan says. "He is a character who's been through a lot and will go through a lot more by the end of Season 3, that is for sure."

His arc kicks into gear Sunday (10/9c, AMC) when he tangles with a tough guy during a drug deal. "Keith Jardine, a UFC guy, is in the episode. In real life, he would kick my ass, but luckily he's playing a character," Norris says. "Do I kick his ass? You can judge that! He was a real sport to allow us to do what we did with him."

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