The 5 Best Alliances in 'Big Brother' History

In the first week of Big Brother 12, Hayden, Matt, Enzo and Lane formed the Brigade, an alliance that Matt claimed was the best one in Big Brother history. That's a strange comment, especially coming from a house where the HGs talk nonstop about past contestants and strategies.

While the Brigade may eventually rise to the level of greatness, Matt shouldn't count his chickens before they're hatched. Being a great alliance requires more than a cool name, you need a strategy, a little bit of luck, and a Big Brother victory.

Looking back, here are the five best alliances in Big Brother history.

#5 The Four Horsemen (Season 5)

As Peter Griffin said about the Greatest American Hero, the Four Horsemen's greatest achievement could be that people still remember them despite a short run. The four men of season 5 identified by their bandanas (Drew, Cowboy, Scott and Jase) talked a big game, but Scott and Jase were eliminated fairly early, not even making the jury house. Things worked out much better for the other two, however, since Drew and Cowboy were in the finale. Hopefully the Brigade remembers this lesson, because they're headed down a very similar path.

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