Two and a Half Men Episode Recap: "818-jlkpuzo"

In the season premiere, Two and a Half Men's Charlie is presented with the age-old question: to be or not to be....with his ex-fiancee. Meanwhile, Alan deals with the usual question of whether or not to be judgmental about the situation. And Jake? Well, he just eats.

When we left the boys last season, Alan and Charlie had just run into Mia, the gorgeous ballet dancer to whom Charlie had not only been previously engaged to, but with whom he had almost fathered a child. We pick up with the rest of the meeting, with Mia seeming genuinely happy to hear of the engagement. Charlie seems genuinely uncomfortable, but does a pretty good job keeping his composure. It's obvious that he has not completely forgotten about Mia and even has her phone number memorized. Alan, as usual, is not at all happy about the situation and can't stop bringing up Chelsea's name. Awkward.

Later that night, Charlie must need to release some, um, tension, because as Chelsea put it, he practically humps her into a coma. She suspects Charlie must have run into an old flame (isn't that the natural assumption when Charlie gets horny?) and starts questioning him about how he spent his day. Now, I understand why Chelsea would want to be cautious with a guy like Charlie, but her constant accusatory tone with him puts me off a bit. It almost seems like she wants him to do something wrong so that she can have an excuse to get mad at him. Charlie, of course, bumbles a bit but finally tells her about his encounter with Mia and how she had asked him for help with her singing career. Chelsea, surprisingly, seems alright with the idea. After all, if he doesn't have feelings for her anymore, why should the two working together be a problem?

The stress of the situation (does he still have feelings for Mia, or is Chelsea really the one?) has Charlie so worked up that he gets "backed up" and visits his psychologist, Dr. Freeman. I just can't get enough of her. I love the connection between the two of them - the back and forth quips, the seemingly love-hate relationship that's neither love nor hate. Although she could milk lots of money out of Charlie by prolonging their session, she gets right to the chase and tells him, "As soon as you pick one, you can go two." Nice visual, doc.

Charlie eventually helps Mia with her singing, which actually sounds more like a drunken turn at the karaoke machine. She's so grateful that she plants a more-than-friends kiss on him and invites him back to her house. Maybe it was the singing, or maybe it was his painful plumbing problem, but Charlie finally makes a decision - there will be a wedding after all, and Mia's not invited. After the reaming she gives him for blowing her off, it was probably all for the best. As Charlie makes his way into the bathroom to finally do the duty, who walks out? Eddie Van Halen, guitar in hand. It turns out you never know when inspiration will come. Again, nice visual.

Of course, the episode wasn't all about Charlie. Melissa, Alan's quirky assistant, is back and hanging around the house quite a bit. Alan wants her to move in, but Charlie refuses. Does she move in anyway? It depends on who you ask.

Jake also finds himself dealing with some mature issues. He is thisclose to finding out that his half-sister may be more of a whole. But will he be smart enough to understand? He's smart enough to get the oral sex jokes now, so we shall see.

What did you think of the season premiere?

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