'Caprica' - 'The Imperfections of Memory' Episode 7 Recap

One of the best aspects of 'Caprica' (and its predecessor series) is the creators' ability to know exactly how long to drag out a storyline before people get bored with it and replace it with the next level of the storyline. The final, single word spoken by Daniel Graystone in tonight's episode proves that the story is ready for the next step.

Another benefit is the ability to have so much happening at once that the viewer has absolutely no idea how the season is going to end, which is why he or she keeps tuning in every week.

Yet another benefit is that the technobabble is nowhere near 'Star Trek' level annoying. It's realistic enough to keep interest without making up every other word.

There were several references to 'Battlestar Galactica' in tonight's episode and to what will eventually become the Cylon culture. The line "this has all happened before..." is straight out of that series. Resurrection was discussed by Sister Clarice. The story also touched on the subject of death becoming a learning experience in V-World. It wouldn't surprise me if someone eventually hacks New Cap City to allow for resurrection, perhaps even Daniel or Zoe.

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