One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "What Are You Willing to Lose"

This episode of One Tree Hill provided a few shocking revelations - a staple of the show we're used to by now. Brooke hired the new face of her line and stood up to her boyfriend's father, Dan revealed that he's married to a Tree Hill alum, and the woman who claims to have slept with Nathan made an even more startling accusation.

Dan and his new wife

Once again, Dan's new "Revelations" talk-show provides the voice-over for this week's episode. As soon as he flashed a wedding ring I knew there would be something to his new-wife storyline. But never did I imagine that it would be... wait for it ... Rachel Gatina! Did any of you actually call that one? For a second I wondered if maybe Dan and Rachel were an act, but that kiss after the show didn't look so fake. Gross. But at least this new and improved Dan still has plenty of cheese factor. After his show, Rachel sits down next to a homeless man and gives him his book. Although Rachel looks at this kind act as sheer publicity, Dan is adamant that the gesture came from the heart. He hands over his book, "Scott Free Redemption," and tells the man, "My name is Dan Scott, and I believe in you."

There's a new diva in town

After watching the dailies from Julian's film, Brooke decides the lead actress, Alex, would make a great new face for Clothes Over Bros. But Alex is a little more than Brooke and Millicent bargained for. A sweet girl while in the public eye but a vulgar diva who drinks behind-the-scenes, Alex just about makes Brooke's and Millie's lives a nightmare. She provides some funny moments, though, when Brooke keeps saying, "That's what she said," and Alex doesn't grasp the joke. Is Brooke going to use that line every episode, by the way? And either Alex's acing skills are really up to par or Brooke is easily duped because, in the end, Alex's speech how her green Clothes Over Bros dress made her realize she had everything, seems to work. The girl keeps the gig to which she exclaims, "That is so rad!"

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