'Brothers & Sisters' recap: Hi, Kitler. Hello, Tommy Season 4, Episode 17

Am I the only one who has no idea what is happening on this show right now? After we nearly had to have a green card wedding to keep Luc in the country, his Visa poof! magically came through in last night's episode. 'Kiss me. I'm legal,' he told Sarah. Because he looks good shirtless in her satin sheets, can quote Casablanca, and knows how to fix a car, she was understandably ecstatic. The problem: Sarah had already phoned Kevin to ask him for legal advice and he reached out to someone at his old firm. A female employee there who used to have crush on him and now has a political blog or something, started the rumor that Kitty had pulled strings for Luc's Visa and was taking jobs away from Americans. Kitty only heard about this when she went to speak to the Burbank Boosters Club and got booed by people holding up signs like 'Hi Kitler' and 'Frenchie Go Home.' Some blogs still don't call to get confirmation or comment. Tsk-tsk.

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Mar 17, 2010 12:26PM EDT

My Bet On What's Gonna Happen Is,Robert Is Gonna Die.Kitty Will Win The Election,Justin Will Make it through med school by the skin of his ass,nora had an affair with that dennis guy and so tht it doesnt get revealed she's gettin everyone to sell their shares,which they will,but he'll still tell everyone on the series finale

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