How I Met Your Mother Season 5, Episode 1: "Definitions" - Recap

In the Season 5 premiere, Ted starts his new teaching job at Columbia University. But the big story is Barney and Robin. In last season's finale, they kissed... but then what? Can two commitment-phobes make it work in a serious relationship - if that's what they're even calling it?

Future Ted explains that when he started as a professor at Columbia, there were two things he wishes he'd known ahead of time. The first, as we all remember from the season finale, is that The Mother was in that classroom. The second thing... well, that's the story of this episode.

Cut to MacLaren's, where Lily and Marshall have just learned about the Barney-Robin kiss. "Wooooo!" Lily shrieks. (My thoughts exactly.) Actually, Lily gets a little too excited, going on and on about the new "couple" and how they can go on double dates together. Maybe even their kids will get married. But her enthusiasm isn't shared by everyone. Robin and Barney let her down easy, explaining that they're just "not feeling it," but they've decided to remain friends. Oh, those big fakers. Lily looks slightly let down at the bar, but by the time she gets home, she's in full-blown heartbreak mode, sobbing in bed with Marshall while downing a gallon of butter pecan ice cream.

Fast-forward to the Friday before Ted's first day at his new job. At MacLaren's, Marshall presents Ted with a gift that used to belong to his favorite professor. And because Marshall is awesome, it's totally an Indiana Jones fedora and whip. Ted is blown away. "I'm Indiana Jones. I'm Indiana Jones!" he yells. To make the night even better, Marshall suggests going out into the alley and whipping stuff. Robin and Barney don't join in, though. Robin has a "date" (uh huh), and Barney is going for seconds with a hookup. Fakers! Lily looks horrified.

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