30 Rock Season 4 Episode 17 Recap: "Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter"

Two new episodes of "30 Rock?" Is it Christmas morning? Is it time to light the Menorah? No, it is just NBC trying to flush out the remaining shows, but I don't care. Two is always better than one.

The episode opens with Jack having a dirty phone conversation with Avery, and she even compares herself to a "slutty Grace Kelley." Liz, of course, ruins the moment by bringing him a talking greeting card in which she attempts to sing a song, instead having incoherent rambling thoughts. Just as Jack is convincing Liz to find a no-strings attached love interest, Nancy walks in, obviously complicating Jack's life.

At Liz's first dodge ball tournament, instead of flirting with a cute guy that seemed interested in her, she yells at him for a rule-violation. Jenna says she will go to Liz's next social event with her in hopes of being her wingman.

As Jack leads Nancy around a tour of the TGS studios, they run into Tracy, who is disguised in order to find the "red headed MILF walking around with an executive." Jack then hands off his lady to Kenneth, who grabs her and rudely tells her to "shut her mouth." Jack describes how he is planning on balancing both of his relationships with Avery and Nancy at the same time, and Liz becomes very angry. She says that he is going to blow it, and will eventually be joining her at singles dodge ball.

After being called a "Bigeldy Boo" on the subway, Twofer tries to find solace in Tracy and his entourage. The actor reveals how he has learned the word "black" in every language in order to know when he should be offended. They all realize that racism is back, after seeing a white judge on Law & Order and a racist burglary commercial.

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