Recap: Episode 8.2

Last time on the premiere of Celebrity Apprentice, the women were triumphant in the cupcake sale challenge, outselling the men by tens of thousands. Annie Duke alienated the women's team, Brande Roderick, and Tom Green and Jesse James were surprisingly effective leaders for their respective teams, and ultimately Andrew Dice Clay got the boot for his big mouth.

Tonight, after coming so close to being fired, Dennis and Hershel return to the rest of the group. Hershel says that he does not want to go back to the boardroom, because he doesn't like to lose. Clint worries that the men's team won't respect their project managers in the future, and Tom realizes that you can't trust anyone, even your teammates.

The episode begins with a description of Joan's charity, God's Love, which delivers meals to housebound people with life altering illnesses. Today, she delivers meals in person to a woman suffering breast cancer, along with the head of God Delivers. While there, she delivers the check from the cupcake sale for over $125,000.

Then it's back to business. The remaining apprentices head to Trump headquarters for their next assignment. Trump introduces Erin Burnett, who hosted The Millionaire Within with Trump on CNBC. He introduces Tony, the CEO of, a successful retail website. Each team's assignment is to create a costume and 4-page comic about a character who will promote Zappos. The teams pick their project managers. Khloe is picked for the women, because she owns retail stores, but she worries that she doesn't know much about online. The men choose Scott, thanks to his reasoning and organization during the last challenge. The PM of the winning team will get $20,000 for his/her chosen charity.

Team Athena gets busy sitting down with Tony to find out what they're looking for. He emphasizes customer service with a personal touch. Annie and Melissa prod Tony with uncomfortable questions about what physical attributes he likes, and he dodges the questions, telling them to think about the customers, not him. The men's team meets with Tony, and Tom quickly kills the conversation with a confused rant about corporate humor.

The women begin brainstorming-which seems to mean talking over each other. Khloe doesn't take charge, and the rest of the women get frustrated with the alpha females (Joan, Annie, Brande and others) talking too much.

Donald gives the audience the run-down on the differences between the team project managers. Scott knows how to handle pressure from his years as an Olympian, while Khloe is less experienced, and she runs the risk of letting people walk all over her.

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