Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 4, Episode 9 - Year of Hell Part 2

After a brief interval spent hiding from the time ship in a nebula, Captain Janeway makes an alliance with two species known as the Nihydron and the Mawasi to attack the Krenim timeship. The remaining crew members move to the allied ships while Janeway remains behind alone on Voyager to pilot the heavily damaged ship herself. With the help of a dissatisfied crew member Chakotay and Paris take the time ship's temporal core offline, rendering it vulnerable to attack, and beam to the nearest allied ship. Unfortunately, even vulnerable and without temporal weaponry, the time ship is too powerful and the allied ships are disabled. Voyager itself is badly damaged when one of the ships crashes over the saucer section of Voyager. Figuring (correctly) that the true timeline will be restored if the Krenim ship is destroyed, Janeway orders the fleet to drop their temporal shields and rams Voyager into the time-ship while it is powering up for another temporal incursion, destroying Voyager and causing the time ship's temporal core to destabilize, which erases the ship from history in a massive temporal incursion, resetting the timeline to the day Voyager first encountered the temporal waves.

In the new timeline, Voyager once again ventures into Krenim space. This time, the captain of the Krenim warship is friendlier - he advises Voyager that this area of space is under dispute and suggests they avoid it, before wishing them a safe journey. Janeway remarks to Chakotay that she's thinking of replicating a bottle of wine for Voyager's rededication ceremony, one that came from a 'good year'. Annorax is at last reunited with his wife and he stops studying to instead enjoy the day with her, stating that he supposes he can "make the time." As they leave the room, the episode ends on an ominous close-up view of Annorax's calculations.

Source: Wikipedia

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