Episode Recap: "Islanded in a Stream of Stars"

You work on your side, and I'll work on mine

Our episode starts with a scene of Hera playing with the ship model of Galactica on top of the space chart on the bridge. A scene of the shared vision of Hera in the opera house intersects. Hera slides Galactica towards a Cylon basestar surrounded by a few raiders.

Back on Galactica repairs are being made, presumably from Boomers too-close-to-call FTL jump getaway. One of the Six Cylons approaches a human worker, confronting him about his bitching about whose fault it is that Galactica is not getting repaired. Human metals, Cylon goop - neither appear to be getting the job done.

As they get back to repair work, Galactica splits some more.

I've had it up to here with destiny

We cut to Kara, Ellen, Saul, the Adamas, Roslin and Tory discussing what to do about Boomer's kidnapping of Hera. Starbuck is worried that Cavil is simply looking to dissect Hera. Ellen suggests he would bring her back to the Colony, where final five and the centurions went after the first war. Ellen knows where the Colony is. Lee does not think one child is worth the risk of jumping into the virtual home of the Cylons. Ellen stresses Hera's importance. Kara suggests Hera is just as important to the humans as she is to the Cylons. That her music experience and Hera writing the notes to the same song she knows, the same song that triggered the Final Four (presumably Five if Ellen was still aboard Galactica at the time), the same song that helped lead them to Earth means something, even if we don't know what. Bill Adama dismisses destiny or fate as a reason to do anything. Saul asks to do recon, if nothing else. Galactica's creaking can be heard while Bill thinks it over. He decides to send a raider in lieu of a raptor to make sure Helo and Athena don't find out about the mission.

It cuts to Helo and Athena. Face to face, Helo wants Athena to admit her hate for him. He asks her to say it, over and over, but she can do nothing but cry.

We see more of the opera house vision of Hera, then both Caprica Six and Roslin in the infirmary. Caprica is sleeping, Roslin is telling Bill about seeing the visions again.

Galactica creeks, rumbles and the power flickers.

Where repairs are being made, Galactica splits open, losing air, losing equipment, losing crew. The Six model arguing with the human repairman before helps save him, grabbing him and helping him to the airlock. The Six isn't able to get to the other side of the airlock before it's closed. She screams to lock it. With a look of terror he locks it, and she is sucked out into the vacuum of space.

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