Interview: Colleen Cleek of 'Hell's Kitchen'

From the very beginning of Hell's Kitchen 5, we knew Colleen Cleek, a41-year-old cooking instructor from Nebraska, would be a main target of Chef Gordon Ramsay's trademark fury. Who could forget when she offered to teach him some manners as he spit out her Signature Dish? Through five grueling dinner services, Colleen took verbal slashing after another for her mistakes, and was put up for elimination more than once. Just the site of her gave the Chef a headache, he quipped. While no one expected Cleek to survive for long in Hell's Kitchen under that wrath, the twist came last night when, after an all-around dismal dinner service, she managed to escape nomination for the chopping block thanks to J's and Andrea's botched Beef Wellingtons. And then, in a characteristic display of his powers as host, critic, judge and jury, Ramsay rejected the teams' choices and sent Colleen home instead for her blunder-filled track record on his show.

We had a chance to talk to Colleen about what it's like to watch yourself being yelled at on national television (with your kids in the room), how she kept such a positive attitude in Hell's Kitchen, and how her cooking business is doing now.

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