Eureka: "I'll Be Seeing You" Review Season 4, Episode 9

I'm a sucker for time travel. I have been ever since Marty McFly met his mom in Back to the Future. It's hard to resist pondering what your life would have been like, if only you'd done this one thing differently. In this week's mid-season finale (I hate that I have to wait for story resolution twice...please oh magic box, just run seasons from start to finish) Beverly and Grant's decision to send Grant back to 1947 has consequences for everyone.

Every decision Grant has made in either time line has had huge consequences. Founding Eureka, stealing the cell phone/travel device from Carter, forcing Carter to declare his feelings for Alison by showing interest. And his decision to go back inadvertently kills Alison. Well, until Carter and Grant go back again and fix it all.

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