The Case of the Missing Superman Logo

Smallville is in a pickle. We all know what should happen in the end--Clark Kent will become Superman. We've been waiting for that for the past eight years. We've been wondering whether it'll happen, or whether we'll have to keep up with all the superheroes coming out from almost nowhere. Heck, we've seen Clark wear red and blue for, I don't know, most of the past season? Or so I was reminded when I was looking for a photo of him. All I saw was him in red and blue.

So it must happen soon, right? Final season, all those rumors, and never mind what Justin Hartley's speculating or something?

Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello is implying that this could really be the year Clark dons that Superman suit. "The iconic S symbol will be all over the show in season 9," he wrote. "Including Clark's chest."

So, like, finally, right? Or am I the only one who thinks it isn't exactly going to be the case yet? My gut says Smallville will still stretch out for a little bit longer. Maybe tribulations, maybe some hesitation on Clark's part, but I don't think we'll be bombarded with all those signs for that long a time period.

Speaking of which, Ausiello also reported that Warner Bros. is insisting that there've been no talks regarding that rumored Smallville spin-off, apparently titled Metropolis. History lesson: it's apparently a TV special that could possibly be the moment when Clark will don that symbol. Maybe wrap everything up. Or maybe a backdoor pilot for yet another Superman-based series So if that's not happening, then what is the plan? Although, again, my gut says it's a matter of stonewalling before the Comic-Con, where the announcement will allegedly be made.

Just get on with it, Clark. Please.

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